The QHPAssist is a Game Changer

QHPAssist will drastically reduce your time developing your Qualified Health Plan documentation and increase your quality and compliance. Contact us for a demonstration!


Drives Summary of Benefits and other product documents creation from the plans and benefits template. Also applies technology to reduce your manual review effort.


Collaboration and transparency between you and Foster through our Client Engagement Portal.


Our subject matter experts have years of experience in creating and reviewing SBCs and other QHP product documents.

QHP Assist is a new product service Foster is offering to
assist issuers with their Qualified Health Plan (QHP)

filing and product deployment

Our mission is to enable compliance, quality, and
increased productivity
in the QHP product deployment
process :

  • Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)
  • Schedule of Benefits (riders)
  • Plans and Benefit Templates (PBT)
  • Internal configuration files and training documents
  • Product Brochures

Our initial offering toward accomplishing this mission
materially increases the consistency, accuracy, and

of the Summary of Benefits and Coverage
Documents while significantly decreasing the effort

QHPAssist will free your product team to spend more time developing better products and less time implementing products

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